How to drill oil wells

How to drill oil wells

Well-drilling represents process of destruction of rocks which is carried out by means of the special equipment. Also directional drilling is at the moment used horizontal, vertical. As a rule, it is carried out for further mining, such as oil and gas.


1. There are several constructionsstages wells from which it is possible to distinguish carrying out geological investigation, construction of land constructions, deepening of trunk, dissociation of layers and development of the well with the subsequent mining. To destination wells classify on prospecting, extracting, delivery, basic and control.

2. The oil well begins to be drilled after carrying out investigation during which precisely learn, in what territory it is necessary to install drilling equipment. It is very important, otherwise, if you miss by deposits useful fossil, then funds and efforts will be spent for nothing.

3. After you have found all information, it is possible to start construction of all necessary constructions in which drilling equipment will be installed. For a start in the center of the derrick arrange the rotor and near it install the winch. Then start mounting of the power drive, boring pumps, clay mixers, chemical units. All this has to be located behind the winch.

4. Also behind it equip site for storage of fuels and lubricants and site for storage of chemical powder which will be used in the course of drilling. From the opposite side from the winch place racks with small tool and racks for boring pipes. Also create nearby site for the lovilny tool and site of the fulfilled chisels. Around the drilling rig place all necessary auxiliary and farm buildings, such as economic box, tool site, spare tanks and clearing system for storage of the processed drilling mud.

5. Qualitatively drilled well will allow to extract minerals until the field does not run low. When drilling follow all necessary safety instructions. It not only will allow to save health of drillers, but also will save the surrounding area from ecological pollution and accidents.

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