How to drill opening in tree without drill

How to drill opening in tree without drill

To cut elements of internal ornament, it is necessary to make opening in part and to pass through it file cloth. If near at hand there is no special drill, there are several other ways.

The easiest way of receiving similar openings is use of pricker with a diameter from 1 to 3 mm. It it is easy to make pricker of thick needle or even of scrap of continuous wire which length is about 5 cm to Eagle or the wire is hammered at first into piece of tree of hard-wooded broadleaved breed on half of length, the handle is made of this tree subsequently. The end of wire which has remained outside is sharpened on 3 or 4 edges. Well made pricker works in this case as drill, puncturing wood, it is rotated and it cuts and turns out wood fibers, but not just moves apart them.

Drill the hands

Best of all small-sized hand drills which similarity can be made independently are suitable for this operation. For this purpose to rigid axle which can be steel or wooden rod, becomes attached from above two laces and the handle, and from below - the ground tack. In the middle of rod it is necessary to fix heavy flywheel which will serve as the inertial accumulator. To put this drill in action, laces manually wind on rod, and then, having established to the right place of carnations, press the handle. The rod rotates and the tack drills, pressure upon the handle is stopped when laces are completely untwisted. The flywheel rotates by inertia and again winds them on rod, and then stops and it is necessary to press the handle again. Viscous breeds of wood can not give in to such drill as the drill will coordinate and slow down rotation.

Screw drill the hands

The rotation mechanism from children's top well will be suitable for construction of screw drill. Instead of the boss the holder well is suitable for pencil from compasses. When lowering by cursor hand with the same thread the screw axis of drill begins to rotate. The drill hat at such mechanism of action surely has to rotate on axis freely. If there is no top near at hand, the screw of such action can be bent independently. For this purpose the strip of steel which one end needs to be fixed in the vice fixed on the machine or on table is required, and to fix other end in hand vices. At rotation manual tisok the strip will evenly be twisted in the screw on which then the wooden cursor with in advance drilled opening is got. In order that when passing screw surface of strip the cursor had no difficulties, the strip is heated and, taking place in such state on it cursor, do thread on strip. The wooden ball of the small size in which the opening on diameter slightly more than propeller diameter is made will be suitable for production of hat.

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