How to dry garlic after excavation

How to dry garlic after excavation

That garlic was long stored and did not lose at the same time the tastes and useful properties, it is important to pick vegetables in time and to competently dry them. The lack of watering of culture a month before harvesting considerably raises storage life of product in winter months.

To keep garlic for the winter does not make big work, especially if competently to carry out prepreparation of vegetables for collecting and storage. Only the lack of watering and fertilizing a month before harvesting and also competent drying considerably increase immunity of plants thanks to what vegetables are perfectly stored up to the next summer (naturally if storage conditions are met).

If with the termination of watering and application of fertilizers everything is clear, then with drying not everything is so simple. Some gardeners think that there are quite enough couple of days properly to dry vegetables and to send them ""to wintering"". However it not so. The drying time of garlic depends on weather patterns, and not only weather during which there takes place drying of vegetables, but also weather which was before harvesting is considered. If a month before excavation of vegetables there were many rainy days, then garlic should be held in well aired placement couple of days longer, otherwise there is risk not finally dry head because of what further inevitably there will be their rotting.

Now as for directly drying of garlic. After excavation of culture it is necessary to remove accurately hands soil from heads, to spread out vegetables on bed and to leave them for two-three days (naturally if weather allow, that is, there are no rains). Later the specified time it is necessary to continue drying of garlic, however already under canopy or in well aired room. For this purpose vegetables should be transferred to the place specially allotted for this purpose, to spread out them on plain surface or to suspend, having tied up for stalks and to leave for two three days.

How to dry garlic after excavation in rainy weather

If long time there are rains and in the nearest future according to forecasts sunny days are not expected, then it is impossible to postpone gathering vegetables. Dig out vegetables and try to remove earth lumps from each head. If it is impossible to make it, do not wash garlic at all, and send to dry it in such look. Collect plants in bunches on five-seven pieces, connect them for stalks and suspend in well aired room (the shed, the attic). Leave garlic to dry at least for seven days.

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