How to dry garlic on air it is correct

There has come August, and most of gardeners is preparing for harvesting of garlic. It is possible to store this useful vegetable in different ways. For example, many gardeners are interested in how to dry garlic it is correct on air, in the sun.

It is required to you

  • - plastic cup;
  • - knife;
  • - rubber gloves;
  • - cutting board;
  • - thin plywood or baking sheet;
  • - sieve;
  • - sealed glass container.


1. So, how to dry garlic on air it is correct? At first dig out garlic and leave it to be dried in shadow for couple of hours. Spread out heads together with leaves in one layer under some canopy.

2. Separate heads from leaves and "break" them into separate cloves. Clean garlic just hands or by means of knife.

3. Cut cloves on thin segments. It is not necessary to wash them before this procedure. It will complicate drying and further will reduce storage life of garlic. Simple can knife cloves. But it is the best of all to use special string cutting for this purpose.

4. Take baking sheet or the sheet of thin plywood. Lay them pure fabric, parchment or foil. Lay out on plywood or baking sheet the cut garlic in one layer. Such way is the best answer to question of how to dry garlic on the street. Too thick layer you should not stack segments. Otherwise they can decay.

5. Spread segments, extreme in teeth, so that the place of section looked up. It will reduce amount of the juice which has flowed out from segments. As a result in dry garlic more useful substances will remain.

6. Arrange plywood or baking sheet somewhere on the site. Choose the least dusty solar place, far away from the road, sheds, compost heaps , etc. In very dry and hot weather garlic can be dried also under canopy. Segments pretty quickly dry. Ready garlic will be approximately in week.

7. So we have found out how to dry garlic in the sun. What further? And further it it is necessary also to prepare for storage. For this purpose just crush dried garlic the blender in powder. It is possible, of course, and to pass this step. However it is considered that in the form of powder to be stored garlic longer — more than half a year. Just dried segments it will be necessary to eat maximum within five months.

8. Sift powder through small sieve. Again miss too large pieces via the blender. If desired it is possible also just to place them in separate container. Such dried garlic not bad is suitable for preparation of first courses. In water the large pieces bulk up and become similar to normal garlic.

9. Lay the sifted powder in glass jar and densely close it cover. Place garlic in storage in the fridge. Now you know how it is correct to dry garlic on air correctly.

10. You do not hold the prepared garlic powder at the room temperature. In this case it, unfortunately, will pretty quickly lose the useful qualities. Choose the total amount of tanks for storage, proceeding from what powder exit on weight makes about 1/2-1/3 from the weight of the cleaned crude cloves.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team