How to dry onions after cleaning from bed

How to dry onions after cleaning from bed

Certainly, each hostess wants to keep the harvest safe and sound. It concerns also some onions. It is always pleasant to have on the table in winter time those organic vegetables which with love have been picked in the fall from bed. It is no secret, that the most important stage of preparation of onions for storage is its drying. Besides, if properly not to dry onions, then the term of its storage is minimized.

So, in order that your onions could be stored and please long you all winter, it should be dried up carefully. It will not manage to be made if in time not to remove onions from bed, and it is necessary to do it intelligently, paying attention to weather patterns and condition of harvest.

When and how to remove onions from bed

Usually cleaning of onions falls on August. Remember that approximately in ten days before you are going to remove the onions from bed, it is necessary to stop any watering. Be verified with weather forecast, it is very important that harvesting of onions has not fallen on the rainy period, otherwise the soil will not be able to dry up so how many it is necessary in order that has completely lain down feather and bulbs have got rid of excess moisture. After the feather has lain down and has slightly dried up, it is possible to start excavation of onions. Remember that for this purpose it is necessary to choose sunny days. You should not Vremenit with harvesting as it can negatively affect the subsequent storage of harvest.

As well as where to dry onions

The dug-out bulbs should be spread out for drying to the sun. These are most certain way to prepare onions for storage. The harvest has to be spread out in one layer, otherwise it can begin to spoil. In August still warmly and enough sunny days, at successfully developed weather patterns you cannot dry up onions quickly.

If you are going to weave onions into braids for future storage, then it is worth taking care of that tails of onions remained rather long, otherwise weaving of braid will become difficult or even impossible.

Regularly touch bulbs, delete those which have for some reason begun to spoil. Perhaps, you have just accidentally damaged them during excavation from bed. Select those bulbs which have already dried and weave into braids or put in stockings for long storage. Well dry-through bulbs have darkish golden coloring, their scales rustle from touch and easily separate, crumble, tails of bulbs have to be bone-dry too.

As it is the best of all to store the dried-up onions

Of course, storage of onions in stockings or grids - it is quite good to weave onions into braids, however, most effectively. It is considered that when using this method of storage the safety of harvest is nearly hundred percent. It cannot but please the practical hostess.

Storage of onions in braids can save your harvest even in case you did not manage to dry carefully it, it can dry up, already being in the general sheaf. It occurs due to good ventilation of all bulbs in braid.

How many useful things can learn at our grandmothers? Just not to consider. And so storage of onions in braids is, perhaps, one of the most ancient, checked by time, so, reliable ways. Besides, the onions weaved into braids look very beautifully, it is not a shame to hang up it, for example, in kitchen. From the general sheaf it is very convenient to Lukovichki to take, also all is enough to use scissors. Conveniently and the fact that it is always possible to choose bulb of the suitable size all harvest is well visible. In olden days hostesses hanged out onions braids in that room where there was furnace, that is most often in kitchen. You can follow their example also today. If you live in owner-occupied dwelling and do not want to store onions indoors yet, then before the onset of cold weather it is possible to hang up it on the attic, rather good ventilation there. However, in the winter onions braids have to be stored only where rather warmly and chilly. For weaving of braid you need rope. The very first bulb is fixed by means of knot, at the same time the rope should be folded double. The subsequent elements of braid are fixed by means of interlacing of onions tails between ropes. For convenience of onion it is possible to connect previously in pairs among themselves.

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