How to dry up tree

How to dry up tree

Before any work with wood the tree needs to be dried up. If not to make it, that is risk that the finished product will crack because of uneven evaporation of moisture. Or the wooden thing is deformed as drying, wood shrinks. Commercially for drying of wood use special drying chambers. House handymen use in less progressive ways.

It is required to you

  • - tree;
  • - oil paint, pitch or plasticine;
  • - oil (cotton or linen);
  • - paraffin;
  • - capacity from metal (pan, basin);
  • - plastic bag;
  • - pack of newspapers.


1. Way pervyyestestvenny (atmospheric) drying – the simplest, but the most "long-playing" way. "Churochka" – round scraps of trunk are suitable for it. Bark is left completely or do in it cross cuts (rings) to provide access of air to wood, but at the same time not to allow it to crack in drying time. The next stage – rapping and puttying of faces churbachka. Faces brevnyshka rap the hammer to condense cuts. After that they are covered with pitch, oil paint, tar or normal plasticine. Further the prepared scrap of trunk is placed in the dry not heated and well ventilated room (without draft) – for example, on the attic of giving. In several months the preparation needs to be moved to the room with more high temperature.

2. The second sposobkuska of tree it is possible to dry up in the city apartment. For this purpose they are wrapped in several layers of the newspaper and packed into hermetic package. After that the package of tree is put to the warm place (it is possible even on the battery or on solar balcony). Each 6-8 hours replace the newspaper which has become impregnated with the liquids emitted by tree with dry. Important: the package has to be hermetic to exclude uncontrollable evaporation of moisture and possibility of cracking of tree.

3. The third sposobmalenky pieces of tree can be boiled down in oil. In Russia such way applied at production of wooden tableware – spoons, ladles, plates and to that similar. After such processing the ware is resistant to moisture, does not burst and is not deformed. For boiling down cottonseed or linseed oil undertakes. In pan the wooden blank is put, filled in with oil and boiled on very slow fire within 6-8 hours.

4. The fourth sposobetot the way gives to tree the same properties, as boiling down in oil. For it the kindled paraffin in which submerge small pieces of tree is used. Then the container with paraffin and wood is put for 6-8 hours in the furnace warmed up to 40 degrees Celsius.

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