How to dry wood

How to dry wood

At construction and production of various products use only dry-through wood with humidity no more than 4-12%, depending on the place of its use. The most favorable type of drying is drying in special cameras which are manufactured on industrial production and have the replaceable modes of temperature. Such drying of wood which is the most suitable for its further use. However, it is expensive option. In house conditions wood can be dried in a different way.


1. The most widespread type of drying in house conditions is sawing up of log on tes or bar. It is necessary to stack sawn timber under which equal bars in three places on all perimeter of laying are established. Each row needs to be separated from each other equal thin bars.

2. It is necessary to dry under canopy for protection against the sun and rain. To establish stacks in the through place.

3. For drying of firewood for heating of the dwelling it is necessary to saw logs on chocks, to split and leave in heap before full drying. Only after that to stack in woodpile.

4. If it is necessary to prepare dry-through logs, then skin them (shkurit), exactly stack under canopy. Under bottom of stacks bars are established. Between each row also establish thin bars for the best drying. In certain cases in log the through hole becomes.

5. For production of products from tree cut preparations and make final drying at the room temperature far from heating appliances.

6. Quicker wood which is prepared when the tree has no juice – late fall and in the winter dries out.

7. That wood when drying did not burst and did not conduct it in different directions, use method of plow-in of sawn timber in dry shavings.

8. If the master is engaged in bulk production of products from wood in house conditions, then the improvised dryer is constructed. Sawn timber is stacked in the way described above in the specially allotted room with heating devices on all perimeter of walls. Temperature is increased at first, then lowered - and so several days.

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