How to earn from 6 hundred parts

How to earn from 6 hundred parts

Owners of personal plot in 6 hundred parts have fine opportunity to earn extra money in the budget of family. The earth it is possible to lease or organize small garden in 20 trees which will fructify during the whole summer. The main thing is to pick up grades correctly.

It is required to you

  • saplings of fruit-trees, garden stock, guide to gardening or Internet access.


1. Get saplings fruit-trees. They can be bought on market or in any construction hypermarket where there is department of gardening. About 20 pieces of dwarfish breeds can be located on 6 hundred parts. If you have no experience of gardening, buy sweet cherry saplings. They will yield harvest of times a year, however their berries are highly appreciated in the market, and trees do not demand special care.

2. Get literature on gardening or find several websites on the Internet devoted to this subject. Advantage of the last – opportunity to find practical advice from experienced gardeners. Attentively study question. Choose those trees behind which as it seems to you, you will be able to look after.

3. Dig up garden in the spring. If the soil in garden poor, it is necessary to get the chernozem or fertilizers. Make deepenings in the soil for saplings. Deepenings have to be such that roots have completely disappeared in the earth - consider it when digging holes. Also consider that the adult tree has wide root system. You do not sit down them closely to each other.

4. Plant saplings to the soil. Water them.

5. Regularly look after garden. If you do not live on the site, you will need to come every weekend there.

6. Sell harvest in the market.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team