How to eliminate blockage in bathtub

How to eliminate blockage in bathtub

You extremely accurately use bathtub, sink and toilet bowl. Never will come to your mind to lower in toilet bowl, for example, the fur coat cut on pieces and you never throw out the food remains in sink. It would seem, there should be no troubles. But at one not really pleasant moment you find out that water or from sink does not leave bathtub anywhere. And that worst of all, you cannot understand in what place the blockage was formed.

It is required to you

  • Gel for clearing of pipes
  • Plunger
  • Steel wire with hook
  • Drainage drill


1. You do not hurry to abuse the house. It is not obligatory at all that someone from them has thrown into bathtub something not that. In pipe the insoluble garbage could accumulate for quite long time — hair, threads if you are in the habit to rinse linen in bathtub, and many other things. For a start try chemical means for clearing of blockages, they in any household shop are sold much. Most often happens it is necessary to pour substance in pipe and to wait several hours.

2. The small blockage by means of household chemicals is successfully liquidated, but can happen and so that this way will not help. Take the plunger. Install it over draining and densely press. Pour water in bathtub so that it has closed rubber part of the plunger. In case of need stop up overflow opening. It can be done stopper, rag or even simply hand. The main thing is to close air access. Sharply press on the plunger and release. Perform this operation ten times. Check whether water leaves. Repeat this operation two-three times.

3. The next stage — siphon clearing. It is necessary if the plunger does not help. If you have bottle siphon — turn off settler and substitute bucket. Clean siphon wire with hook. Collect siphon. At siphon with audit unscrew cover which closes opening, and likewise clean it wire.

4. If the clearing of siphon does not help, there is no other exit, except sewage pipe. Rotate rope around its axis and move it backwards-forward.

5. Put siphon into place. Repeat prokachivaniye the plunger. Include water and check how it leaves.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team