How to eliminate furniture smell

How to eliminate furniture smell

Furniture, especially wooden, gets the unpleasant smell which is associated with old and dusty apartments over time. Not always it means that it is time to throw out furniture as the antiques are appreciated even more expensively, and it is possible to eliminate "aromas" with make-shifts. The unpleasant smell can be had not only old things – new furniture from chipboard has characteristic smells of shaving, glue, the laminated covering and chemical reactants. In either case it is possible to use simple, but effective methods.

It is required to you

  • vinegar;
  • rag;
  • vanilla sugar;
  • tea bags;
  • lemon;
  • soap;


1. Part vinegar that the concentrated solution has turned out in water. Put on safety mask, gloves and wipe with the rag, wetted in acetic solution, all surfaces of furniture. This way not only helps to get rid of unpleasant smell, but also perfectly disinfects old wood. After this procedure leave furniture to dry: do not close cabinet door, pull out table boxes, do not lay nothing table.

2. If vinegar has not helped to eliminate completely furniture smell, fill vanilla sugar on all horizontal surfaces and leave it for several days. Vanillin perfectly extends bad smells and impregnates tree with own, very pleasant and unostentatious aroma.

3. Not all love vanilla smell, and some people have on it allergy. In that case replace vanilla sugar with cup of coffee, lemon, milk or the flavored bath salt. Products which you put on furniture have to be fresh, otherwise it is only possible to strengthen smell, having added to it unpleasant notes of sour milk or rotten lemon. Therefore in time replace products. It is also possible to use the special fragrances just for decoration which are on sale in small sacks. You can choose aroma which will please you. As fragrance it is possible to use also loved pleasantly smelling soap or shampoo.

4. Well tea bags help to get rid of smell. Take unused bags of green or black tea and place on all furniture, put on all shelves in cabinet and table and you store week. This way is very effective at furniture smell from chipboard. When the smell disappears, throw out bags – it is impossible to make them already!

5. The smell from upholstered furniture can be removed with acetic solution or vodka also. It is desirable to put the processed sofa or chair on draft or about open window. Use also fresh ground coffee – strew with it sofa, and then collect by the vacuum cleaner. Ways of fight against smells of furniture are offered also by modern chemical industry: various sprays and cleaning agents. Attentively read the instruction before using them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team