How to emphasize eyes

How to emphasize eyes

means of make-up you will be able to correct small shortcomings, to change form and to emphasize expressiveness of the eyes. Women for centuries perfected this art - make-up of eyes so you need to acquire several basic and simple rules to which conforms to follow to emphasize eyes as it is possible more favourably.


  1. The most important is color scale. If your hair, eyebrows and eyelashes light, then you do not use ink-black shades of ink, give preference to saturated brown shades. Eyes in such make-up will look not less brightly, but at the same time it is natural as the ideal make-up has to be noticeable as little as possible. Choose the hulks which are well dividing and giving volume, soft pencils for eyebrows and for eyes. The consistence of ink should not be excessively heavy and fluid, she has to lay down weightless layer perfectly to allocate and emphasize your eyelashes.
  2. To emphasize and allocate brown and dark eyes, it is worth choosing gentle pastel shades, for example, gentle bezh. Such make-up great is suitable for work or study. However, brown-eyed girls are not forbidden to experiment also with saturated and dark shades even in the afternoon - the truth, it is worth applying them not on all eyelid. It is the only color of eyes in combination with which such make-up will not look excessively dramatically (and especially if you have swarty skin). Well pleasant greenish color on which brown eyes get fascinating amber shade approaches.
  3. Blue-eyed girls can also use gentle pastel colors - their eyes on such background will look even more brightly and stridently. Remarkably (even for day make-up!) subtle nacreous and brilliant shades approach - the look instantly begins to sparkle. For evening option to girls with blue eyes will go saturated bronze with metal outflow and also colors of wet asphalt.
  4. Girls with gray and green eyes were lucky most of all - they can experiment with absolutely different shades as their eyes most often have property to change and get different shades. Classical and universal combination which does such eyes more mysterious and color - nasyshchenny is mix of saturated bronze, metal and gray shades. Also perfectly approach brick-brown, emerald and golden shades.
  5. Now we will start eyeliner. The eyeliner is considered pencil of suitable shade which can be used in different situations of your life universal: whether it be party or daily make-up. If the external corner of your eyes is kind of lowered down, then try to put the line as it is possible closer to eyelashes, kind of raising it at the end. If your eyes of almond-shaped form and to you there is a wish to give them more mysteriousness, then pay attention to black liquid eyeliners liners which perfectly ""extend"" and emphasize eye shape. Accurately put, such eyeliner can be used even in the afternoon. There is it to most of all girls with dark eyes. As for the known make-up smoki-ayz, it can also be applied both in the afternoon, and in the evening. However, it is worth giving preference in the first case to as much as possible natural shades, and shading has to be the most careful.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team