How to equip balcony? Esthetic options

How to equip balcony? Esthetic options

It is pleasant to come to cozy balcony in the mornings to admire beauty of the city and to drink cup of the invigorating coffee, and evenings - to relax after the working day in quiet situation on soft sofa. Today it is not accepted to litter balconies with old things, on the contrary, owners of apartments try to equip this part of living space esthetically, having turned into something like the tiny room.

Registration secrets

That rest on the balcony brought pleasure, warm the room. It is desirable to establish new double-glazed windows, it is much simpler, than to stick slots in old frames. Then pick up reliable insulating material. When works on finishing and warming are finished, start arrangement of the room.

The ideas for registration

  • If you work the freelancer, then it is reasonable to create on the balcony the comfortable place for work. Put computer table, chair with soft seat, place on wall shelf for papers and enjoy amazing view from window of original study.
  • When in family children grow up, the place for games in the house, as a rule, becomes insufficiently. In that case turn balcony into the game room for kids. Lay fluffy rug on floor, put easy chair, place on shelves with smoothed things over toys and colourful books. Children will be enraptured, having come to be on such nice site for children's entertainments.
  • The balcony adjoining kitchen is simply intended for creation of the tiny dining room. Place steady table with chairs there, hang up nice curtains on windows and enjoy sunshine and the blue sky, having breakfast or having supper in comfort.
  • Those who is fond of drawing or music - in a word, to creative persons, are suitable original option in the form of workshop for hobby on the balcony. Install indoors the suitable tool: synthesizer, easel with paints, etc. Do not forget to put stool and shelf for coffee or tea.
  • The successful decision is to turn balcony into comfortable recreation area. Easy chairs, plaid, tea table, pots with flowers, elegant lamp will bring warm-heartedness in the room and will create aura of magic.

Approach registration with enthusiasm and joyful mood, and then there will be new ideas which will make balcony original, unlike others. Thus, in the house there will be additional cozy room in which it is so pleasant to have a rest and work.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team