How to equip country house

How to equip country house

It is just dream is to equip own country house! How many here opportunities for the person creative and with working hands. Not to consider. Now it is a high time to think that you want to make with the house and to place priorities. Count the finance and cost of materials for arrangement of the fazenda, you proceed from the received result - that you will do and that you will make, but then.

  • - construction materials;
  • - furniture;
  • - home decoration.

1. Fireplace - what can be better during cool wet weather, than rest before fire?! In country house the real fireplace or the furnace - indispensable attribute. It is possible to construct it of course, but previously having studied all materials, schemes and estimates of this work. And it is better to invite experts not to be afraid for the life and not to feel sorry then for forces spent for nothing. Arranging fireplace, do not forget about rules of fire safety, and buy all necessary devices which will help you to use correctly this cozy and hot subject of interior.

2. Departure on the nature at all is associated with browning of fragrant meat on coals therefore surely make on the site near the house gazebo with brazier. Now preparation of shish kebab will not be problem! Equip gazebo with strong benches and thorough table, put on it the operating samovar, and on decorative wooden shelves place clay painted ware. Lay out the path conducting in your cozy gazebo natural stone or brick, along it plant bright flowers. Here to you and recipe of the perfect days off or holiday.

3. One more thing without which it is difficult to provide country house is verandah. Wooden carved or brick thorough, she and asks to be attached to your house. Do not refuse to yourself this pleasure - construct verandah! Place on it openwork table with wicker chairs for easy afternoon tea drinking. Put sofa swing, throw knitted plaid and decorative small pillows over it.

4. And what romantic room can be made in penthouse! The coziest room in country house or at the dacha is bedroom overlooking the star sky. Arrange the room, using furniture minimum, this recess under roof in itself is decorative. Here as it is impossible more by the way furniture in "grandmother's" style - wooden chests, carved caskets, high metal bed with shishechka on back, slightly darkened mirror in copper frame and the lamp shade with brushes is necessary.

5. Here all variegated and lonely pots "banished" to the country, pans, teapots, vases and other old ware - it the place on shelves of your kitchen will also be useful to you. What in the apartment looks as stuff in country kitchen looks organically and quite appropriate! Place in them fragrant dry herbs and fresh flowers. Weave braids out of onions and garlic, use natural materials at registration of kitchen of country house.

6. Bring together your good company of friends here in such general hall after abundant meal from shish kebab and fresh vegetables, behind cup of fragrant svezhesvarenny coffee. Enjoy feeling of immense pride of your cozy, equipped with love and mind country house.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team