How to equip court yard

How to equip court yard

To equip, improve the green site adjoining country or country house and to turn it into cozy court yard - not always expensive and troublesome invention. Scales of "building" depend on your desire. It is possible to fulfill also dream of pond with water-lilies, and it is possible just to break new flower bed with imagination, to make the Alpine hill, it is beautiful to lay paths and to put new shop on site for barbecue.


1. Choose the place for your court yard - site which is convenient for fencing from two-three parties (open leave, as a rule, the southern part).

2. Think over what will be the surface of the platform. Its part can be paved, part - to decorate with lawns and flower beds.

3. Equipping fence, you remember: heavy materials - brick, concrete guard rails will not be suitable for small court yard. The decorative fences easy and air-permeable will look more organically. Wattled fences from willow rods are good for these purposes. It is possible to use also normal fence. Brushwood "is interwoven" into thin (about 2 cm) the prozhiliny-pipes welded on iron columns. Their diameter can be small - 4-6 cm.

4. Cover part of enclosed court with specially built canopy of the simplest design with roof from ondulin, the slate painted in juicy tone. It is possible to shade corner of the yard and purchased umbrella or tent.

5. If to you to taste pergola, build it on one of paths, using furring from natural wood and "having let" to it favourite climbers.

6. Equipping "half" of the platform, take care of its optimum drain. The small bias towards surface water catchment is desirable. It is laid in the lowest part of the territory of court yard, masking low bushes.

7. Laying paths, choose any material available to you. Not only the factory paving slabs, but also combinations from the old bricks which are laid out in certain order will approach. The paving slabs can be stacked as on sandy pillow (at insignificant loading), and on the basis from filling brick or cement. Both the natural stone, and wood deck will be suitable for arrangement of paths.

8. It is accepted to speak about interior of enclosed courts. The choice of country furniture is huge today - from plastic and wooden products to shod iron. Choose that to you to liking.

9. Small artificial reservoirs were available for sale. They are easily driven in soil. Buy suitable plants for mini-prudika, make its original frame, and the landscape of your court yard will change.

10. The ceramic figurines, flowerpots, lamps lamps, swing selected according to your taste will become the accents pleasing look in design of the house adjoining territory, will add comfort and originality to the updated living space. Pay attention to practice of the Dutch designer: they skillfully decorate the gardens the small mills, wooden hand-made articles, carts decorated pottery with flowers. Skillfully imitate even channels and build in graceful analogs of the Chinese gazebos the landscape.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team