How to equip giving with the hands

How to equip giving with the hands

Dacha is amazing place where the person can have a rest from city bustle, enjoy communication with the nature and implement the creative ideas. But if to approach arrangement of the seasonal dacha it is thoughtless and rash, then this process can drag on for many years.

It is required to you

  • - iron/plastic pipes;
  • - perforator;
  • - boards;
  • - saw;
  • - film;
  • - wire;
  • - cement;
  • - various container.


1. To equip giving the hands it is quite real. If you at the dacha are going to combine work and rest, then at first make detailed plan of the site. But before it observe where on your site sunny side and where the shadow during the day prevails. It is necessary in order that on lighter places to break beds, kitchen garden, and in shady part to arrange farm buildings.

2. Separate the site into two honors – the worker and recreation area (fig. 1). It will allow you to save considerably time and forces, all necessary for work will be located row. And competently broken lawns and beds will be pleasing to the eye during the family tea drinking in gazebo.

3. You can make the majority of buildings on the seasonal dacha. If you prefer eco-friendly housing, then can order from civil engineering firm the project and raw materials for timbered felling. And carry out assembly independently.

4. If complex structures, for example the house, it is desirable to build, using the recommendations of building experts, then you can make the shed and the greenhouse. As framework you can use as normal iron pipes (but they should be painted minimum of times a year) or to make the greenhouse "for ages", having taken water plastic pipes and having inserted inside the firm core (it will save pipes from deformation). Plastic is not subject to corrosion, rotting and does not need painting. Having collected framework, just fit the greenhouse polyethylene film which can be bought in any supermarket.

5. At production of the shed you can use the most various materials as it is intended only for storage of stock. The shed in short terms is necessary? Use sandwich panel. And if you after excavation of the basement or ditch for the base had a lot of clay, then make the shed wooden. Knead clay with water, stir it to pasty consistence and cover the shed from within and outside. Clay will quickly dry in the sun, and you receive the good room for storage of stock.

6. Projecting gazebo, you do not hurry. There is mass of fine drawings, projects where gazebos and verandahs from natural or synthetic materials are provided. But if to you it is necessary simple, quickly built, but functional gazebo, then as framework use metal pipes. Dig out on the place of future support of deepening in the earth 50-60 cm. You will curve pipes letter "P", insert into deepenings, fill in them with concrete. On the framework which has turned out as a result bind the trudging grapes. Expanding, it will braid gazebo, and not only will provide shadow, but also will bring rich harvest.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team