How to equip kitchen of 6 sq.m

How to equip kitchen of 6 sq.m

The small kitchen can be not less convenient and comfortable, than big. It is necessary to plan only correctly the room and not to hurry to buy furniture and household appliances.

It is required to you

  • - kitchen furniture to order;
  • - compact household appliances;
  • - suspended regiments and holders.


1. Draw the plan of the room and apply on it all sizes of walls, window and door apertures. Define places for zone of preparation and acceptance of food. Note arrangement of washing, plate and fridge.

2. Choose household appliances non-standard look and the size. There are fine dvukhkonforochny gas and electric stoves which will take very few place in kitchen. The built-in cooking panel without oven – great option for the small room. Look for the fridge which can be installed under working surface.

3. Carefully, literally to centimeter, measure length and wall height where there will be furniture. It is better to make it individual not to lose working space. Surely consult to the manager who will take your order. The expert will offer you different options of arrangement of each locker.

4. Learn whether it is possible to reduce depth of bedside tables. It will help you to save up to 20 centimeters of the necessary space. Pay special attention to model of dining table. It can be sliding or folding. If to use wide windowsill of the brick house and to fasten to it table-top by means of continuous loop, receive folding table.

5. Use suspended regiments and holders for kitchen utensils not to take the place below in work area. Under the top lockers of kitchen furniture fasten hooks for glasses, tacks and other kitchen trifles which have to be constant at you near at hand.

6. If you had free corner in lunch zone, order small kitchen sofa with office for storage of things below. There it is possible to place objects which you not often use. For one-two people this sofa for comfortable arrangement at table quite will be enough.

7. For repair work choose light finishing materials which will visually make space of kitchen more. For registration of window use short easy curtains or blinds.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team