How to equip landscape if the parcel on slope

How to equip landscape if the parcel on slope

If your parcel is located on slope, it is not occasion to forget about it forever and to look for money for purchase of new giving. When the earth under breakdown of kitchen garden is necessary, it is, of course, not the best option. But if you want suit beautiful corner of rest, such lack of landscape can be turned into advantage.

The site on slope provides big scope for imagination. Here it is possible to create beautiful and scenic natural view which will not remind other dachas. More work and imaginations will be required, and here expenses entirely depend on your inquiries. Many villagers manage and by means of waste materials to create to the site effective appearance.

At slopes there are a lot of pluses. One of them – the fact that the site from some distance is looked through completely and does not look monotonous, as in case with plains. Using differences of height, it is possible to emphasize favourably silhouettes of plants which are placed on specially equipped ridges. It is better to suit them on special retaining elements – care for them is so facilitated that is especially relevant if owners elderly or have problems in respect of health. Slopes allow to organize the convenient system of waterings if to make distributing with use of hoses, pipes or channels of improvised material.

If desired it is beautiful to equip the site on slope it is necessary to think over in advance, how exactly you will have on it trees, landscape elements, plants and constructions. Any randomness has to be thought carefully over. If plottage big, it is possible to arrange so that from the earth retaining walls which merge with the general relief rise. Between them arrange twisting footpath which in some places kind of is broken off by steps.

At gentle slopes the breast walls executed by method of random masonry are appropriate. On steep slopes it is better to use cement solution for fastening. The form of walls can be chosen any – such which in the best way will fit into design.

Arranging breast walls on the site, it is necessary to consider its features. For example, moisture capacious soil in frosts differs in puchinistost. Between the laid-out wall and the propped-up soil it is necessary to add filling brick for drainage layer 10-15 cm wide. Insert pieces of pipes into laying of walls – it will help to dewater outside, but not to save it behind laying. Otherwise can simply squeeze out wall in one of winters.   

Very much small terraces decorate similar sites. From retaining walls climbers can beautifully hang down. Choosing options for decoration of the site, do not forget that you should not plant hygrophilous plants on slopes as water on the soil flows down rather intensively.

What only do not create on sites of irregular shape – and beautiful rock arias with small reservoirs, both original elements of landscaping, and attractive by sight gardens. Very much the ladders with the large steps which are laid out from stone created with use of other materials show to advantage.

It is not obligatory to split up space at all, planting various bushes and flowers – the lawns equipped at the different levels can look not less interestingly. For them it is possible to buy the simplest herbal landing blends. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team