How to equip loggia

How to equip loggia

Quite often there is question of arrangement of loggia. Many people dream of comfortable and cozy loggia. It is quite simple to make it that. It is necessary to hold number of events only.


1. For a start it is necessary to be exempted from unnecessary stuff. Often on loggia unnecessary things for many years are stored. Usually on loggia it is possible to come across some lame chair, zarzhavely folding bed or old skis. All these things should be removed. Further we are engaged in the choice of furniture.

2. When choosing furniture the main thing consider its compactness. For loggia choose special furniture, like country. Such furniture has to be functional, transformed also compact. For release of the place just for decoration, take out boxes with flowers on sides. If there is strong fastening, then best of all hang up flowers on outer end of loggia.

3. If there is opportunity, then buy the metal, forged or cast furniture. It differs in style and practicality. The set of handmade pig-iron furniture can well fit into any balcony.

4. Establish wicker furniture on loggia. It will well look. Though the loggia has the small area, it can be incredibly cozy. For example, you can move up table with semicircular table-top closely to balcony grid, and about it allocate the place for two wicker chairs.

5. You can even use on loggia one magnificent chair in the neighbourhood with flowers. It will change all type of loggia. Very many people place plank bed, wooden sofa or sun bed on this small square. There will be enough place surely. You will be able to take air baths every day. It is very useful for health. To be closed from the sun, use huge umbrella.

6. You can attach to wall over balcony bamboo or wooden bar which put on ordinary moving apart curtain. Well the wooden furniture looks on loggia. In shop it has acceptable cost. Removable seats made of cloth can add cosiness to the room.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team