How to equip personal plot

How to equip personal plot

Without the improved personal plot any beautiful house will not look attractively. Especially as it is very interesting to be engaged in arrangement of the yard – exactly here it is possible to show the imagination and to self-express. And it is possible to enjoy fine landscape at all seasons of the year.


1. First of all develop the plan on which place beds, greenhouses, gazebos, sheds, canopies according to your desire. Also, if the sizes of the territory allow, take a closer look at pools and artificial reservoirs. After that start area marking, note necessary constructions. Carry out to them communications – electrical generating systems for illumination of gazebos and water supply for watering of plants.

2. Arrange well footpaths and paths. Options can be much. The simplest - to fill up footpaths with sand, and from above to lay crushed stone. Paths can also be concreted (for longer use). Very beautifully the footpaths which are laid out by paving slabs look.

3. Build gazebos for rest and canopies under which you will store garden stock, firewood and materials. Around such constructions put ivy or any climbers. They will quickly expand and will create shadow.

4. Start breakdown of beds, planting of trees. Plant bushes and trees along fence that they in addition closed your personal plot. Along footpaths seat the blossoming bushes, for example, dogrose, rose, jasmine, or coniferous plants – thuja, juniper, larch.

5. Pay special attention to beds. Choose plants so that the period of their blossoming smoothly replaced each other. For example, snowdrops, forget-me-nots, crocuses, daisies will blossom in the early spring. Deflowered plants will cover leaves of doronikum. Later narcissuses and tulips, petunias and pansies will blossom. Refer asters, chrysanthemums, dahlias to autumn colors. Select the flowers which are combined on coloring. Especially variety of paints blows the mind – camomiles, hand bells, lilies, carnations, irises.

6. Do not forget about plants with color foliage – bright gold sedge, different grades of silvery wormwood, porridge gray with blue leaves. Sow areas, free from plants, lawn grass.

7. Under trees it is possible to establish swing, to pull hammock. At will, arrange on the site of sculpture, decorative lighting set, build the Alpine hill from stones. In front of the house establish beautiful lamp and small bench.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team