How to equip rock-garden on the site

How to equip rock-garden on the site

The rock-garden bewitches. This surprising creation of ancient culture created for contemplation, calms of mind and esthetic pleasure. The modern person lacks all this so. So why in corner of the garden not to create similar miracle?

1. Naturally, rock-garden – not just heap of shapeless boulders. It is peculiar microcosm where everything is ordered, subordinated to harmony. Stones for such garden need to be chosen very carefully. Each of them has to have "face", and you have to see it before any given stone takes the place.

2. Choose stones on the feelings, put hand on the attracted sample and listen to its power. Will approach as flat and smooth types of stones, and sharp-edged irregular shape. Large stones will look more effectively and more impressively, but will demand great efforts at their placement.

3. The quantity of stones in garden has to be odd. When choosing try to avoid identical proportions and the sizes of stone exhibits for the garden. The stone should not lie directly on earth surface – deepen it surely a little. Try to make impression that the stone is in the place long ago.

4. You should not symmetrize stones. Follow the nature, try that the garden looked more naturally. Also consider – it is necessary to place stones so that at look from any foreshortening it was possible to see only their even number, one of stones has to drop out of field of vision.

5. If there are difficulties at selection of natural stones for the garden, it is possible to use their artificial analogs. Now there are enterprises specializing in production of stones for landscaping.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team