How to equip site

How to equip site

The cozy yard has to be also functional therefore residents of high-rise buildings try to get rid of garages shells as it is possible to hold further parking spaces, in "green zone" to make the playground and if the place, then and the front garden allows. Gardeners are engaged in the last more often, and here the site can be equipped with own forces.


1. At production and arrangement of the playground it is necessary to pick up correctly the place, considering safety factors. It is better to locate the platform so that to children of different age on it it was not close. It is good to make so that the part of the platform was in shadow. It would not be absolutely pleasant to the children and adults who are looking after them to be constantly in the sun.

2. It should be taken into account not only age, but also hobbies of children, their opportunities and wishes. At arrangement on site of various entertaining constructions like hills, swing and other stock, it is necessary to establish sufficient distance between them. It will allow to avoid injuries and possible quarrels of children. It is necessary to make sure of durability of materials, of their sufficient obrabotannost (there should not be sticking-out nails, bolts, sharp angles, etc.).

3. At arrangement of the playground it is possible to use already ready sets of entertaining devices. They are quite simple at assembly, have bright coloring and will please your children. On site it is necessary to put green grass. It is necessary to get rid of dangerous poisonous plants. Prickly plants it is necessary to protect or remove them in general.

4. It is better to locate the playground far from reservoir and traffic area that there was no accident. Except entertaining constructions it is necessary to establish on site of shop, ballot box. Even the biggest fidgets with pleasure will sit on shop with ice cream in hand, and the ballot box nearby will accustom children to be accurate and not to throw litter on the earth.

5. The quality of materials and constructions has to be high. Behind the playground it is necessary to watch, examine entertaining and game constructions to provide to children safe and pleasant pastime.

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