How to equip small kitchen

How to equip small kitchen

Kitchen Malenkaya Square not rarity, especially in houses still the Soviet construction. If you do not start such troublesome and expensive thing as re-planning, carefully approach the choice of household appliances and furniture for kitchen. Use light tone and smooth surfaces visually to expand room space.

It is required to you

  • - furniture for kitchen;
  • - household appliances;
  • - hangers.


1. kitchen/b of"" class= "" colorbox imagefield imagefield-imagelink" of" rel= "" gallery-step-images""> In small square kitchen put furniture corner along adjacent walls. The folding table or bar counter with sliding surface for acceptance of food will successfully fit into this option. Over rack hang up metal hanger with hooks for pans and frying pans.

2. If you are going to expose furniture to one line, choose the place for the fridge. Usually he is stood in the corner. The little family can manage and the small low fridge which is built in kitchen cabinet, its top will serve as working surface for cooking.

3. Instead of buffet put sliding wardrobe. All objects have to stand on one level, united by the general table-top. As much as possible use walls, hang out on them shelf for dishes and tableware. If the place allows, it is possible to put soft kitchen corner with the leaning-back seats, in these niches things which are not often used are located.

4. Get dining table sliding or with folding sides. If in the apartment there live 1-2 persons, it makes sense to use the increased windowsill as table. Think over the sliding or folding system of such table.

5. To the top kitchen cabinets from below beat levels with hooks on which it is possible to hang up glasses, tacks and other utensils. The opening doors of lockers demand extra space too therefore choose models with sliding or folding. Instead of the door on kitchen make arch, the room will only benefit from it.

6. Light glossy walls at bright valance lighting expand kitchen. Light green color steadily lightens the mood, refreshes and gives tranquility. The combination white and blue in interior optically will increase kitchen.

7. The chromeplated, glass and smooth surfaces give lightness and ease. Get rid of excess decor and mass of useless knickknacks which encumber space. On window hang up laconic light blinds as any curtains figure prominently.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team