How to equip the bathroom

How to equip the bathroom

The bathroom is in each apartment. Now it is fashionable to equip bathrooms at dachas and in private apartments. But how it is better to equip space? How to place all necessary indoors and at the same time to make it cozy and comfortable for water procedures?

It is required to you

  • The pipeline, bathtub, shower cabin, the washbasin, holders for toilet accessories and toilet paper, shelf, ceramic tile, lamps, stretch ceiling, toilet bowl, bidet, mirrors, hand-rail, curtains, fixing parts, the washing machine, laundry basket, garbage tank and other accessories.


1. Before being engaged in planning, it is necessary to begin with works on repair and the equipment. They need to be seen off in certain sequence. So, the pipeline needs to be installed how the equipment will be placed. It depends on arrangement of bathtub, the washing machine and toilet bowl. Further installation of the bathroom or shower cabin, the washbasin, bidet is made. Only after that perform painting and stucco works, carry out decoration of wall and floor. All finish fastening of mirrors, shelves, hooks for the towels, cabinets and other accessories decorating bathroom interior.

2. The shower or bathtub are established to the taste, it is impossible to answer that it is best of all than another. In the bathroom, besides hygienic effect, it is possible to take the calming, weakening baths, for example, with needles. In combination with high humidity and hot water it is possible to reach effect of sauna or bath at some point. Bathtubs are ideal for hardening of organism and strengthening of immunity.

3. The shower, as a rule, allows to save essential amount of the consumed water and time. To put shower cabin, less place is necessary. It will allow to save space in bathrooms with small area. If the room allows, it is possible to place bathtub, jacuzzi, shower and even the pool at the same time.

4. The bathtub is put close to one of walls, its outer side is closed guard or revetted with ceramic tile. It facilitates cleaning further and gives to the bathroom accurate look. At the level of outer edge of bathtub hang up on metal rod which rests against walls, polyethylene curtain to protect floor from water ingress when bathing. The curtain has to fall below edge of bathtub by 20 cm.

5. The sink for washing is used also for the purpose of storage of toilet accessories. Over it it is possible to hang up shelves or cabinets and also mirrors. It is at the very bottom good to adapt the place for low small bench, it is better sliding. If in the house there are children, then it will facilitate it access to the washbasin. Shelf it is better to place at distance 35-45 cm over the washbasin, in the same place hang up mirrors. Visually to increase space, use horizontal mirrors in the form of the strip located from wall to wall.

6. Walls can be revetted with tile – it is very hygienic and beautiful. The place under the bathroom is used for storage of household chemicals. Shower cabins are equipped with special waterproof door, but if it is absent, it is possible to use the curtain, shower grids and captures allowing to hang up grid in any situation. For drying of things it is reasonable to pull several nylon threads under ceiling or to have the device for drying of linen in the bathroom.

7. The surface mounted luminaire is necessary for the general light, it is possible to place in addition several lamps at the level of mirrors. It is fashionable and beautiful to install dot lamps on all perimeter of the room.

8. If in family there are elderly people, then on wall to the right of bathtub it is possible to establish hand-rail. Such adaptation will facilitate process of washing and will save them from injuries.

9. It is the best of all to establish box for linen in bathroom corner. Its height has to be no more than 40 cm. Openings for air ventilation, as a rule, are provided in side walls. The washing machine is installed near drain hole. It is good to place it between the bathroom or the washbasin or in bathroom corner.

10. Closely to wall, near the bathroom, it is possible to establish toilet bowl. Slightly higher - to fix the holder for toilet paper and towels. Near toilet bowl it is necessary to put garbage tank for warehousing of the used toilet paper. Bidets have near sink and use in the hygienic purposes. It is good to fix holders for towels and shelf for toilet accessories nearby.

11. To provide additional heat, lay heat-insulated floor, and do ceiling stretch. In this case the interior of the bathroom will be issued in modern style, with the maximum comfort for use.

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