How to equip the bathroom: several councils

How to equip the bathroom: several councils

The bathroom in the apartment – zone of the increased comfort. Mistakes at arrangement of the bathroom involve the mass of negative consequences in the form of dampness, fungi on surfaces and bad mood. Several useful tips will preserve your forces, good mood and time.

  • The best decision for floor and walls in the bathroom – ceramic tile, tile or mosaic.
  • The dropped-out or cracked tile on floor or on wall can be returned into place and to fix thoroughly by the zinc white jammed by natural drying oil. After such restoration it is desirable not to touch tile within several days, it is also necessary to avoid glut bathing moisture. 
  • The tile on floor has to be a little rough, smooth glossy surface of floor – slippery, and at the increased humidity on such floor it is possible to slip. Besides, the tile on floor usually thicker and heavy, and in cutting is more preferable – larger, than on walls.
  • Colored oil or enamel paint and also whitewashed, walls will look good in the bathroom not really, besides can "blossom" from dampness, become covered by fungus. They will demand threefold efforts to support them in appropriate purity and order.
  • You should not paste over walls in the bathroom with the washing wall-paper. They will darken from dampness, to be soiled, peel off, besides it is not convenient to support them in appropriate purity – they quickly lose the elegant look and become shabby and dim.
  • The light tile or paint in the bathroom will visually broaden the room, and the dark surface – will make space more compact by sight.
  • In the bathroom surely there has to be air offtake or small window – for airing. If there is no it, then it is necessary to try to hold door opened that air in the bathroom was dry, in the bathroom there were no unpleasant smells, and condensate from steam quickly dried.
  • Modern construction technologies have the whole arsenal of means which prevent humidity, absorbing excess moisture. If there are no special means near at hand, in the bathroom it is possible to put in the imperceptible place box with ordinary table salt of coarse grinding. From time to time contents of box or jar should be changed. For the same purpose special linen or cotton sacks with sea salt are used inside.
  • The mirror should not be in the bathroom close to water source. Overwetting will lead to damage of mirror, besides water droplets on smooth smooth surface will deprive mirror of its natural function - to reflect qualitatively. The mirror splashed by water should be wiped dry, without leaving it for a long time wet.
  • It is not necessary to turn the bathroom into warehouse of dirty linen, cosmetics, toilet accessories and unnecessary things.
  • Floor has to be most exempted from foreign and excess objects as it needs to be washed and wiped thoroughly dry. At abundance of hindrances it will be difficult to make it, and high-quality cleaning of floor will cause unnecessary energy consumption.
  • Small objects - it is better to store vials, jars of cosmetics and perfumery, hairpins and other trifles in hinged cabinet that they did not spoil in the atmosphere of the increased humidity and did not become soiled.
  • It is also not necessary to store in the bathroom medications, drugs, ointments. In the atmosphere of the increased temperature and humidity they can become useless and do harm to health.
  • Electric devices (the hair dryer, the curling iron, the razor) have to be at safe distance from the bathroom, it is better - in opposite corner. In the same place there has to be also socket which - ideally - has to have additional cover door, or ""be locked"" by special plastic fork.
  • From the socket the cord with fork should be taken out - in order to avoid accident (for example, falling of any electric subject in water)
  • When planning lighting in the bathroom it is the best of all to equip, besides valance lighting, and side (wall). Lamps in the bathroom have to be bright, and lighting uniform and qualitative.

The bathroom - one of intimate zones in the apartment. Carefully washed up, with pleasant design, the bathroom will become the great place not only for personal hygiene, but also finding of balance, relaxation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team