How to equip the children's room

How to equip the children's room

The room for the child — the special place. The kid represents it the whole world which belongs only to it. At the same time it both living room, and game, and bedroom, and office. How to make so that to the child it was convenient and cozy in the room that its atmosphere contributed to the development of his personality?


1. Correctly to equip the children's room, whenever possible, apply eco-friendly, natural materials.

2. Do not use for finishing of walls in the nursery the oil paints, enamels washing wall-paper. Apply the "breathing" materials. Use of paper wall covering will be the most reasonable for these purposes.

3. Observe the main requirements to floor: it has to be warm, hygienic, not slippery. The most optimal variant for flooring - laminate, it concedes nothing to parquet. Application of coverings from stopper or linoleum is allowed. The main thing that materials had no polyvinyl chloride layer and have not been processed by synthetic pitches.

4. Use carpets with basis from jute or latex with pile from natural fibers. They are antistatichna, not flammable, are easily cleaned.

5. Take care of lighting — competently place luminous sources. Them there have to be not less than three with arrangement at the different levels.

6. Pay special attention to illumination of desk where the workplace of the child will be located. Light has to fall at the left, sideways, to avoid the blinding effect of table surface. Power of lamp is recommended minimum in 100 W.

7. Room switches arrange at the level of 90-115 centimeters from floor that the child could "cope" with lighting independently. It will give it the chance not to depend on adults.

8. Choose for the nursery convenient, functional, and, above all, safe furniture. Exclude difficult designs, sharp angles, fragile components. Experts recommend to equip the children's room with modular furniture.

9. For bed use orthopedic mattress and you remember that its optimum width has to be not less than ninety centimeters.

10. Do not overload the room with toys. When there is too much them, they cease to perform the developing function and just litter the room.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team