How to equip the hen house

How to equip the hen house

Hens – birds quite unpretentious therefore they are might support not only those who constantly live in owner-occupied dwelling and thoroughly are engaged in country economy, but also normal summer residents. To construct and equip the hen house absolutely simply. Having spent minimum of time and efforts, as a result you will have fresh eggs and dietary meat moreover fine fertilizer for beds – dung.


1. For a start it is necessary to decide on the place for the hen house. It is necessary to build it not really close to the house not to become hostages of unpleasant aroma. The best place for the hen house – on the height, it that the lodge was not waterlogged during rain and well got warm. Before the hen house provide the site for walks of birds, and you build lodge from calculation that on one square meter there have to live no more than 4 hens.

2. It is good if you build the hen house on concrete foundation, it will give to object durability and will protect birds from attack of predators. If it is impossible to flood the base, at least upholster the lower part of the hen house with iron sheets.

3. Walls of the hen house can be laid out brick or to build from wooden columns and bars filled on them sheathed subsequently by yew. It is good to fill mix of sawdust with peat between outer and inside face of walls and to add there poison from rodents. Internal walls should be warmed if you are going to hold hens not only in the summer, but also in the winter, and before settling of hens to miss the mark them with lime for disinfection.

4. In the hen house surely it is necessary to provide windows. It is necessary for creation for hens of natural lighting and airing of the room for the purpose of elimination of smell and excess moisture.

5. Floor in the hen house has to be a little inclined that during cleaning it was possible to wash away all dirt. Good floor – board, laid on logs. From above it should be filled up with sawdust or sand, to lay straw.

6. There is no hen house without perches. Thinking over their length, consider that not less than 60 cm of perch have to fall on one bird. Under perches it is good to put boxes for dung. Then dirt less, therefore, should clean up less, and fertilizer will easier collect.

7. Surely provide heating of the hen house in the winter – by means of the heater isolated from birds or the powerful electric lamp of incandescence.

8. Put boxes from which they will eat and drink for hens. It is better to strengthen them at the small height that birds could not rummage in them. To be useful and big box of black color – in it hens will better rush.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team