How to equip the living room

How to equip the living room

Perhaps, it is possible to call the living room heart of the house or apartment. This place where meet, family members have a rest and communicate. Here receive guests. Doing repair, often ask question how to equip the room in which it is necessary to consider all tastes and wishes of members of household. How to make so that here it was cozy and convenient to everyone? Designers have output three basic rules to which it is necessary to adhere.


1. So, the first rule. As the living room is room for all, and the decision on its interior has to be made in common. Consider tastes and the interests of everyone. Before starting the choice of furniture and dressing, discuss that it is important for each family member.

2. The second rule says that in the living room there have to be many objects for relaxation. Except the normal TV in this room ideally not to do without musical equipment, audio- and videoshops, books and art albums, various board games and the place where it is possible to play them. In this room there have to be corners for hobby classes: plants - for fans of floriculture or corner for occupation needlework. Living plants and flowers will introduce cosiness and beauty to the house. To the living room it is possible to put table at which all can have dinner together, upholstered furniture on which all can sit together.

3. The third rule follows from the name of the room. The living room - the guest room. Therefore, have to be present at it also your style, identity, something that will help your guests to make idea of way of life and habits of hosts which, of course, you want to show. For example, collection of the souvenirs or photos brought from the distant countries. And the pictures painted by own hands will turn the normal room into art salon. Ethnic motives, hunting trophies, modern lines or antiquarian things – all this will emphasize your welfare and will report to guests about your refined taste. After all, where if not in the living room to realize your dreams!

4. Choose sources of artificial light very carefully. It is necessary that lighting was soft and scattered. Such light does not tire eyes. It can achieve by means of opaque lamps. And here too bright lighting, on the contrary, can cause headache. Floor lamps with lamp shades also well will be suitable for the living room: about radiate soft light. If the window in the room big, then problems with natural lighting does not arise, otherwise it is necessary to increase visually windows by means of competently picked up curtains. If windows in the living room small, give preference to light light tulle.

5. And, at last, one more important point - what color scheme to choose. The best option for the living room – natural tone and quiet drawings. In case walls monophonic, hang up in them several photos or pictures. Besides, psychologists believe that they total absence of decor, as well as motley registration, cause discomfort, in such living room it is very difficult to relax.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team