How to equip the nursery

How to equip the nursery

The child spends the majority of time in own room – plays, makes, does sports, receives guests and sleeps. Internal and physical state of the kid directly depends on ecology and mood of the children's room. Follows from the statement of psychologists that the interior of the children's room influences intellectual development and character of the baby. Correctly to equip the nursery listen to the recommendations of medical specialists and designers.


1. Equip the nursery in the spacious room, with windows on sunny side. Sunlight is favorable for sight, promotes accumulation of positive energy. The room has to be functional and esthetic, safe and eco-friendly.

2. You pass to the next stage - it is the choice of style. How will the room of the child – apartments of the princess or the autodrome, sea floor or musical studio look? At teenage age the room in vanguard style will please children: space or jeans subject. Surely when choosing style it is necessary to consult to the child.

3. Think over into what zones you separate the room. At preschool children two zones are allocated: zone of dream and games. And at school students two more increase: zone of studies and rest. If you are not going to change design each 3 years, it is better to allocate all necessary zones at once.

4. Use natural repair materials of the nursery. They easily give in to cleaning. Floors have to be practical and warm (ideal option – cork or wooden parquet, laminate). For walls use – paper wall covering, wall panels or paint. The ceiling can be made of gypsum cardboard and to paint it paint.

5. Buy the minimum set of furniture for the children's room: table and chair, rack and dresser, regiments and bed. If the area allows, then add coffee table and chair to recreation area.

6. There have to be three luminous sources in the room for the child. Arrange them at the different level. The first level is lamps or chandelier on ceiling, the second – sconce in game zone and the lamps which are built in in furniture. And the third – bedside, table and floor lamps and also floor lamps.

7. Pick up the textiles and accessories suitable on style for the room.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team