How to equip the room

How to equip the room

In the children's room the child often carries out considerable part of the unruly life. Therefore it is necessary to treat arrangement and registration of the children's room carefully. How to equip it it is correct, having made comfortable and functional?


1. If there is opportunity, try to allocate under the children's spacious, light and warm room. Try that in the room there were only those objects and furniture which really there are necessary.

2. It is desirable to buy furniture specially provided for the corresponding age. It will be quite good if furniture is transformed, consisting of separate blocks which can be combined among themselves. Sharp angles are undesirable – they can be injury-causing for the child.

3. It is ideal if in the nursery there is space for sports corner. Whenever possible it is necessary to equip such corner with the Swedish wall, swing, crossbeam. Consider that it is necessary to give sports activities under control someone from adults.

4. The correct lighting of the room matters. In the afternoon, in sunny weather, it is desirable to hold curtains opened that natural lighting got to the room. The surface mounted luminaire has to provide the lighting sufficient in order that the child did not strain sight.

5. If in the room there is desk, equip it with convenient desk lamp with the flexible leg allowing to operate the direction of luminous flux. At children's bed it is quite good to adapt night lamp. Upon purchase of lighting equipment try to get those from them which are supplied with safe unbreakable plafonds.

6. Color registration of the children's room also matters for creation of comfort. Are preferable pastel tone: shades blue, yellow, pink. Green color increases mood and is useful to prevention of visual impairments.

7. The most important recommendation – always to remember not only functionality of the equipment of the children's room, but also safety of the child. Be careful to leave small objects which he can swallow by negligence in full view of the child. Periodically examine the room, remove from toy floor by means of the child, you watch purity of the room. Also do not forget that the room should be aired periodically.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team