How to equip the small apartment

How to equip the small apartment

Many of us live in small apartments. And yes such apartment it is possible to equip so that it was cozy, comfortable and even spacious. It is just necessary to organize accurately space and to show design ingenuity.


1. The sizes of your apartment do not allow to keep in it excess home decoration therefore, first of all, get rid of unnecessary things.

2. Arrange the apartment with multipurpose furniture. It can be folding tables, sofa beds or chair bed. Show imagination and with already available objects. For example, the folding door of secretary can be used both as desk and as support under the TV.

3. Replace normal cabinets with sliding wardrobes and the built-in furniture. Most likely, in your apartment there is mass of niches, deepenings and ledges. The fitted cupboards and also mezzanines and rack designs, will help you to release useful area due to rational use of planning of your premises.

4. Do not fill small rooms with excess furniture. Use walls. Beat one more shelf and throw out the released bedside table.

5. Further, try to increase the sizes of your apartment visually. For this purpose choose furniture of light tones. Make doors of cabinets mirror. Paste over walls with light wall-paper, it is better monophonic, but it is possible also with the small drawing. Do not use contrast colors in apartment interior. Sharp contrasts visually reduce room perimeter.

6. Pay attention to registration of windows. Refuse dense curtains, the more comes to the room of light, the it is more spacious it seems. Also replace multifolding frames with single-door. It will also help you to increase window visually.

7. Now about artificial light. On ceiling hang up the flat lamp as the volume chandelier will be inappropriate. And for modeling of space use dot lamps. Such lamps will help you not only to expand room volume, but also to divide it into zones. Generally, dare! You remember, in your forces to turn even very small apartment into the cozy and comfortable town.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team