How to equip the small bedroom

How to equip the small bedroom

The bedroom in the apartment is that place where it is pleasant to return after day of work. It is the smooth water promoting rest and relaxation. What is offensive when it is impossible to place in it all vital elements because of its small area. However it is possible to equip the small bedroom after all.

1. To equip the small bedroom it is necessary to think over functionality of the bedroom carefully: whether the work area will be provided in it or it will be more reasonable to take out it to other room whether it is worth including some objects of decor which have big dimensions in registration of the bedroom or it is possible to manage smaller, but not less considerable elements.

2. Pay special attention to the choice of wall-paper for the small bedroom: they have to be warm light pastel colors visually to expand room space.

3. Whitewash ceiling or paint with white or other light paint.

4. For visual expansion of space use mirror panels on both or one parties from window wall. It will allow to bring more light in bedroom space.

5. Choosing lighting sources, stop the choice on the central chandelier and several dot lamps located on ceiling perimeter. If you have refused use of mirror panels, then can use mirror frieze - it will visually increase the area of ceiling, and the room will seem more.

6. Measure free space of the bedroom, draw previously the plan of arrangement of future furniture in the room that will allow you to approach purchase of furniture more rationally.

7. When choosing furniture refuse bedside curbstones. Better choose bed in which headboard special regiments are designed. As cabinet for things get sliding wardrobe which will allow to place all things necessary for you most rationally.

8. Try to observe order in the bedroom: excess things will create effect of dirtiness of space.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team