How to equip the small room

How to equip the small room

When in the house it is beautiful and cozy, in it it is pleasant to have a rest and gain strength for new achievements and progress. But what to do if your living space very small? Walls press from all directions, and it seems that even air in the room is not enough. If to know some secrets and was able to use them, it is possible even to make the smallest room incredibly cozy and comfortable.

It is required to you

  • - curtains;
  • - convenient furniture;
  • - big mirror;
  • - hinged regiments;
  • - accessories;
  • - light wall-paper or paint;
  • - lamps.


1. Begin with definition of color gamma of the room. Light colors visually expand space. On the contrary, it is better to avoid dark colors in the small room. Choose light wall-paper or paint for walls. Will well look beige tone or light pink. It is better to paint ceiling is couple tones lighter, than walls. So you will even more visually increase the room size. Avoid big variety of flowers in the small room. If you lack color, choose for interior of the room one or couple of bright or more dark shades. For example, in the beige room burgundy and brown colors will look very well.

2. Correctly pick up furniture. If it is good to look, it is possible to find large number of universal pieces of furniture which will be the real find for the small room. For example, bed which is made in cabinet. Using such berth, you will save very many place. Instead of standard desk use folding which fastens to wall and one simple movement accepts vertical position and does not take the excess place.

3. Get hinged regiments. Thus, you will get rid of need to place on bedside table corners. All necessary things can be removed on shelves. You approach questions of the choice of furniture very carefully, try to choose the most necessary minimum not to overload space.

4. Hang up big mirror. Except that it is very convenient, thanks to it the room will seem much more. Also with it you will be helped by several centers of light in the form of small lamps. Do not forget to choose curtains – quite important element of interior. Curtains in vertical strip best of all will be suitable for the small room – such drawing will increase height of ceilings.

5. Add several bright parts in the form of accessories – pillows, candles, to steam of pictures on walls. Try not to overload space with set of parts. After all, the minimalism always is fashionable. Equip the living space as it is pleasant to you, and you remember – not the place paints the person, and absolutely on the contrary.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team