How to equip the teenage room

How to equip the teenage room

Transition from children's age to teenage is followed by intensive growth that generates need of replacement of furniture for the room of the matured child. Along with it it is necessary to change also interior of the room.

It is required to you

  • - furniture for the room of the teenager;
  • - accessories to sports corner;
  • - equipment;
  • - lighting equipment.


1. Under the nursery traditionally allocate the smallest room in the house or the apartment. But teenage life and hobbies demand the bigger area. If you have opportunity, "offer" the bedroom to equip the room for the grown-up child.

2. Choose furniture together with the teenager that he learned to make difficult decisions, to consider all circumstances and to make concessions. At first draw the plan of future room on paper. Apply the sizes of walls, exact arrangement of window and door on the drawing.

3. Begin with the biggest and volume piece of furniture – bed or sofa. Discuss all pluses and minuses of these options. The bed does not need to be sorted and collected, but she figures prominently longwise and not always approaches to sit on it with friends. Therefore the qualitative sofa with good mattress and the sliding mechanism is suitable for the room of the teenager more.

4. Estimate the number of books, magazines, disks which need to be placed. Depends on it that you will get – bookcase, rack or regiments which can be hung up on walls.

5. Buy table which will be also computer, and will be suitable for preparation of homeworks. That the teenager has not spoiled bearing, it is important to buy the "correct" chair or chair. Pick up the turning chair which will allow the child to regulate height of landing and will facilitate movements.

6. The thick fluffy carpet and chairs pillows will be suitable for accommodation of guests peers. Surely buy small table on which it will be possible to put treat for the room of the teenager.

7. Do not forget also about the necessary equipment. The audio system, the TV, the computer and other "counters" of your child have to take the place in the room.

8. Consult to the child about the choice of finishing for repair in its "corner". Ask it to help you to paste over or paint walls, to put floor covering. Tell the grown-up child about advantages of any given finishing material, look at catalogs on the Internet. Together pick up texture and color of paint or wall-paper.

9. Pay special attention to lighting in the room. There has to be rather bright source of top light, desk or hinged lamp on desk and the lamp at headboard of sofa or bed.

10. If your child is fond of sport, find the place for the Swedish wall or punching bag. For the teenager the availability in the room of big mirror and capacious wardrobe is obligatory. The girl will be delighted to dressing table and pier glass and also the whole set of wooden caskets trunks. The boy will evaluate rack to the guitar and minimalistic design of its room.

11. Do not impose the taste to the child if the teenager is mistaken with the choice, nothing terrible, he only learns to make decisions and to be responsible for the acts. It will outgrow also this room soon, will become the student or the diligent worker and itself completely will equip the dwelling.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team