How to equip two-room five-storey apartment block

How to equip two-room five-storey apartment block

Receiving own housing is joy for each person. Not all have enough money for the spacious apartment in new building with large light rooms and high ceilings. And any wants to have the beautiful and cozy apartment. But even for the owner of five-storey apartment block in it there is nothing impossible.


1. It is necessary to plan design of the apartment, making a start from needs of owners. One person, young couple or family with children will live in the apartment? Whether adult family members work at home? How often will guests and in what quantity come to the apartment? All this needs to be considered, placing furniture in five-storey apartment block.

2. If you the happy individual owner of two-room apartment, at you practically does not arise problems with arrangement of furniture in five-storey apartment block. Choose the room, most remotely located from outer door and equip the bedroom there. Will be plus if in the room there is niche of which it is possible to make cabinet. It considerably will unload your bedroom, you will need to put only dresser and bedstand.

3. Planning of the living room depends on your individual requirements. Whether you watch TV? Do you have library? Depends on it whether the wall from the built-in niche for the TV, bookcase on all wall or the combined option is necessary to you. Think whether often to you guests will come and how many they are planned? If the best friend regularly drops in on you, it is possible to sit also in kitchen and if the noisy company, then take care of that all had enough place. Surely put sofa in the living room. If visitors are planned a little, the small accurate sofa or ottoman will approach. If you expect invasion of the noisy companies, give preference to angular sofa. It is rather big, and you should not buy chairs which will take too much place in the small living room.

4. If you are installed in two-room five-storey apartment block with children, it will be most reasonable to give the smaller room to children, and in the bigger room to equip the living room and the bedroom. Owners of similar apartments will be helped out by sofa bed which will turn into convenient berth at night, and in the afternoon on it it will be possible to receive guests. To save the place in the children's room, bunk beds will come to the rescue.

5. If you need to equip to yourself the quiet and lonely place for work where your members of household will not be able to get, think expanding and warming balcony. For this purpose it is necessary to develop and approve the architectural project, and after that you will be able to turn balcony into office or workshop where nobody will attempt upon you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team