How to equip with the hands garage

How to equip with the hands garage

The garage is intended not only for the car, but also for storage of tools in case of unforeseen repair. For convenience of use it is not enough to carry out qualitative interior finish – it should be equipped in due form.


1. Organize places hraneniyadlya placements of set of automobile accessories prepare special sections with regiments, hooks, fastenings and brackets. Pick up ready rack or make precast structure of metal racks. Choose its sizes, in view of that the total load on one standard section has to make no more than 500 kg.

2. Make the worker stoldlya it make workbench of bars or boards, cover it with metal sheet of 2-4 mm and fix on it vice by means of bolts. For service of the car in garage it is necessary to have set of various wrenches. These tools can be placed on wall near workbench. You will be able easily to find the necessary key if you make for them the shelf with the acting pins.

3. Rationally place to predmetyraspredelita tools depending on the frequency of their use. Everything that has to be near at hand, hang up along walls and decompose on the next boxes in rack. For heavy things allocate the place on floor, for spare tires and wheels – under ceiling.

4. Establish kronshteynydlya seasonal storage of wheels brackets fix above – it will release space. Will be useful to protect tires from dust therefore reserve for them covers or packages.

5. Think over system to osveshcheniyasdelayta several luminous sources: one – over workbench, others – in the different ends of garage. Provide possibility of simultaneous connection of electric devices. Define places for sockets over work table and near entrance. Install the double switch - so you will be able to light the necessary part of the room and to save the electric power.

6. Allocate the place for storage of working clothes - it is always useful in case of unforeseen repair. It is possible to leave this attire on hanger or to remove on regiment. That the uniform did not become dusty, leave it in plastic bag for clothes.

7. Take care about bezopasnostiv garage there are small reserves of oil, gasoline or other specific liquids. To exclude accidental use, allocate the certain shelf or cabinet for their storage is closer to exit. Here you hold small box with sand and the fire extinguisher.

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