How to erase bags

How to erase bags

As it is pleasant to look at bag when it is only bought: clean, bright, brilliant surface. But, unfortunately, shortly any materials bags are soiled, lose original form and shine.

  • Water
  • laundry soap
  • sponge
  • gloss for footwear
  • dry rag
  • newspapers

1. Take out from bag all things, knickknacks, tickets, documents, coins which got enough sleep from purse, cosmetics. Check whether nothing remained in inside pockets. Now it is possible to start washing.

2. Suede bags erase only as a last resort when any more dry cleaning by school eraser or special brush does not help. They are washed out in soap solution, but do not rub and not unscrewed that untidy zaloma have not appeared and pile did not resemble the tousled hamster. After that wash with water. And, having already dried it, pass on bag clean and dry brush.

3. Fashionable material bags are not so practical as leather and it is necessary to handle them accurately. It is not necessary to erase completely them if only the lining has become soiled. It is better to unpick, wash it in water with suitable cleaning agent, to dry up and sew. If it is necessary to erase textiles bag, then it is necessary to arrive as follows: soap sponge laundry soap so that on it there was only foam, but not water. Wipe especially become soiled places until all bag does not begin to be soaped easily. Do not forget to process external and internal corners of bag, fabric along lightning and interstice. It is necessary to dry bag, having filled it newspapers that it has kept the form.

4. If on fabric bag there are leather inserts, do not worry, they can be wiped accurately with soap solution, to wash out, dry and cover with colourless gloss for footwear, but not shoe cream. Gloss can successfully replace your hand cream. After that wipe insert with dry flannel rag to gloss. Erase also leather and leatherette bags, but the main thing to watch when washing such bags that the internal party of leatherette made of cloth has not become wet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team