How to erase blanket

How to erase blanket

There is set of types of blankets, as well as ways, to clean from them spots. The simplest – to hand over blanket in dry-cleaner. But if you have washing machine and your blanket is located in it, then there is nothing difficult in washing of blanket in house conditions.

1. Washing of woolen blanket. Before washing of blanket surely check label, it is possible to erase after all it or not. If washing is allowed, and there are no restrictions, then start washing. For a start process spots on blanket and fringing special stain remover. This procedure should be carried out very accurately, be not overzealous. Then twist blanket in peculiar roll. Wet the turned-out roll, approximately for 15 minutes in cold water. It is worth erasing at the average mode. If you erase manually, then wipe spots in cold water hands. Then several times change water. After washing do not wring out blanket by means of twisting at all. For drying at first let's blanket flow down. Take big towel or sheet and blot in it blanket. Finally you dry blanket, having stretched it on all its length to the initial sizes.

2. Washing of nylon blanket. Erase nylon blankets, unlike woolen, in warm water, do not process stain removers. The chemicals which are contained in cleansers can corrode structure of blanket from polyurethane foam.

3. Washing of acrylic and cotton blankets differs in nothing from washing of normal linen.

4. Washing of cotton, down and sinteponovy blankets. Before washing, put blanket in pillowcase. Further erase them in the washing machine. As well as woolen blankets, these blankets cannot be wrung out. Otherwise filler will roll up.

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