How to erase curtains

How to erase curtains

Curtains and curtains are the most important element of textile decor of the apartment. And their state has to be faultless. Dense portieres and curtains need to be erased once a year, and light tulle should be subjected to cleaning each four months. But it is necessary to do it correctly that the attempt to save means on dry-cleaner, has not led to costs of purchase of new curtains.

It is required to you

  • - Iron;
  • - soft cleaning agent;
  • - salt;
  • - children's soap;
  • - vacuum cleaner;
  • - gauze.


1. Before washing check firmness of coloring of fabric from which curtains are sewed. From podgib or other imperceptible part of curtain pull out one thread. Wet it, place between two rags of white fabric and iron very hot iron. If on fabric there is trace, so these curtains can be subjected only to dry cleaning in specialized salon.

2. If complete with curtains there is rigid lambrequin, you should send to the cleaner's all set, even at permanent coloring of fabric. Lambrequins on rigid glue basis are subject only to dry cleaning, and washing can change color of curtains slightly. Therefore emergence of difference in shade between lambrequin and the main panels of curtains is possible.

3. Remove curtains from eaves, remove all hooks or clips. Carefully shake out dust, and in addition vacuum curtains from dense nap fabric. Reel up damp gauze that did not suck in fabric inside on brush.

4. Check seams, repair the dispersed places. Cut the sticking-out threads.

5. With special attention treat strongly polluted curtains. Wash off separate spots with children's soap or process stain remover. Then wet curtains in warm water with addition of the soft cleaning agent or means which is specially intended for preliminary soaking. Take fabric in solution about one and a half hours.

6. Special approach is necessary to curtains from tulle. At first several times rinse them in cold water, and for soaking add a little salt to warm water. It is better to erase tulle, without using laundry detergent. As cleaning agent use soap solution or hair shampoo. From normal powder tulle can turn yellow.

7. Erase curtains on the delicate mode, temperature of washing is not higher than 60 degrees. Do not choose too strong extraction. It deforms fabric, and it is good to iron big panels to you it will be difficult.

8. Hang out slightly damp curtains for running off of excess moisture on frame from plastic or wooden rails. Then thin tulle can be hung up into place at once. When drying it will be extended and itself will take the necessary form. Curtains from cotton, brocade or mixed fabrics slightly damp iron the iron. Before stroking choose the necessary mode, having ironed fabric in the place hidden from eyes.

9. In summertime of curtain are exposed to the real attack from street dust. Therefore in the middle of the summer surely wash them. Optimal variant to get two sets of curtains: summer and winter. Winter curtains can be from dense heavy fabric, and summer let will be easy and resistant to washing and burning out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team