How to erase curtains from organza

How to erase curtains from organza

Without graceful and weightless curtains it is impossible to provide effective interior of the room. But any curtains demand the corresponding leaving as at non-compliance with rules of washing even the most expensive fabric is capable to lose exterior.

It is required to you

  • - cleaning agent;
  • - curtains;
  • - water.


1. Before how to erasethe subjects curtains from orgnaza, get special cleaning agent. In principle, for washing it is possible to use also normal powder, however it is necessary to rinse product in this case several times as there will be enough foam. Liquid means for washing from fabric is rinsed easily even if to apply it not in washing to the machine, and to washing of product hands.

2. If washing of curtains is carried out in the washing machine, choose for it the delicate mode. Temperatures of washing should not exceed 30-40 degrees. Also establish function of additional rinsing. It will allow to avoid soap stains on curtain after drying.

3. When curtains from organza are erased manually, previously wet them in water with the means divorced in it for washing. For soaking one hour suffices. So it will be easier to erase curtains hands. Do not rub fabric too intensively and do not unscrew after rinsing not to damage its structure. Otpoloskav curtains, slightly wring out them and hang up them over the bathroom that excess water has flown down then hang out for drying.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team