How to erase in the washing machine of LG

How to erase in the washing machine of LG

Washing machines of the Korean concern LG are for a long time presented at the Russian market. The company is known that it uses technologies of the last generations in the developments. Combination of modern design, reliability and reasonable prices - sufficient reason for popularity of household appliances of LG.


1. Sort linen on color and extent of pollution. Attentively study composition of fabrics. For this purpose it is necessary to look at labels which are sewed in side seam of clothes. The type of material and condition of washing are specified them. Try to follow instructions of producers precisely.

2. Use the gel or powder recommended for automatic washing and having the corresponding mark on the label. Universal cleaning agents, as a rule, contain bleach. Therefore it is recommended to select the structures which are specially intended for that type of fabric which you are going to erase. Precisely observe the recommended dosage of cleaning agent.

3. Weigh linen and load it into tank of the washing machine. Never exceed the maximum allowed loading. At small amount of dirty linen it is recommended to use the program of half loading - it will allow to reduce time of cycle and to save the electric power.

4. When loading slabozagryaznenny linen it is not necessary to use preliminary washing. The refusal of this function will help to reduce flow of water and electricity.

5. Choose the washing mode. Besides the main modes of washing, such as "cotton", "synthetics", "wool", "careful washing" and "hand wash", new models of washing machines of LG are supplied number of additional programs.

6. The new technology "6 movements of care" used in the program of Hlopok eco well is suitable for slabozagryaznenny white things and color fabrics. At the same time time of full cycle and energy consumption are considerably reduced.

7. The cycle "Daily Washing" is recommended to be applied to garment care from synthetic fabrics. "Silent washing" will be ideal for use at night when electricity rates are reduced.

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