How to erase Kerry

How to erase Kerry

Kerry overalls are one of the most popular options of kidswear in cold season. In such overalls of the kid will not disturb cold wind, he will not feel discomfort during walks and games on the street, and mom will not happen to worry and all the time to correct the child's clothes. But time when such universal clothes need to be washed comes.

It is required to you

  • - washing machine;
  • - laundry detergent or gel;
  • - water-repellent protector.


1. Before washing study label on overalls and find out as well as at what temperature to wash the acquired children's overalls. Close all velcros and locks lightnings. Do not ret overalls before washing as color fabric can fade. Erase the machine on delicate washing or hands at temperature no more 40ºС. Erase with addition of liquid gel for delicate things and on the minimum quantity of turns.

2. For washing do not use chlorine-containing means and other aggressive substances as they can litter time and destroy membrane. Avoid overdose of cleaning agents. Erase only those washing special means on which packing there is inscription that they are resolved for membrane fabrics what fabric of Kerry overalls is.

3. Rinse overalls in clear water without addition of conditioners as heater can begin to heat isosoftware less, and water-repellent fabric of overalls with each subsequent washing will begin to absorb moisture stronger.

4. After washing do not wring out overalls in the machine way, and let's it flow down on hanger or rope not to damage membrane. You do not dry it in the cabinet dryer or on radiator at all. You dry overalls on shoulders at the room temperature.

5. If weak simply wash away pollution its water jet and dry it. After washing do not iron overalls, synthetic fabric of top can melt, the membrane will be damaged.

6. To restore water-repellent functions of fabric after washing with conditioner spray any transparent water-repellent protector on fabric. After processing by the above-stated means the thing becomes as new, and water flows down on one-two. Only you apply impregnation on clean things as if to apply it on dirty fabric of effect you will not achieve but only you will spend money for nothing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team