How to erase spider line

How to erase spider line

More than two centuries the Orenburg skilled workers knit from soft goat down scarfs. Such products not only will save in cool day, but also will decorate any fashionista. Therefore true judges of down scarfs surely have them in the clothes. However such products demand special care.


1. Pass white strong thread through each clove of spider line on all perimeter and connect its ends. It has to be passed freely, anywhere without pulling together scarf. Add shampoo to warm water (30-35 degrees) and put in it spider line for 15-20 minutes. Erase product manually, without effort, squeezing and unclenching. After that rinse scarf several times, changing at the same time water. Then add the conditioner or softener for woolen products. After that accurately wring out spider line, without unscrewing it.

2. Make wooden frame by the scarf size - it will be the dryer. On its edge hammer corrosion-proof carnations or hooks. Put scarf after washing in soft fabric and once again accurately squeeze. Then pull spider line on frame, consistently clinging passed thread for carnations (pyalets). You dry product at the room temperature. After the spider line dries, carefully remove it from frame and remove thread. In case there is no opportunity to manufacture the dryer, spread sheet on horizontal surface, it is slightly more than the size of scarf. You dry spider line, having spread it on fabric and having straightened each clove. After drying examine product. The real spider line should not lose the properties. All its drawing and geometrical proportions have to remain.

3. You store spider line in folded look in linen sack, previously having put means from moth there. The scarf cannot be hung up, put and pressed down things as for storage time on product can be formed zaloma and bruise of which independently in house conditions it is difficult to get rid – it is necessary to draw anew. It is the best of all to store spider line in glass jar with dense cover. Its volume has to be more than three liters. Contract scarf, lay in bank and close cover. In this case means from moth can be not used.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team