How to erase tulle

How to erase tulle

It is difficult to imagine modern interior without such decorative element as curtains. They decorate the room and add identity, however in order that curtains kept the exterior, it is necessary to look after them correctly. Especially often there is question of how to erase tulle as fabric this very thin and demands to herself the delicate relation. In practice the washing is not so difficult, it is necessary to follow certain rules only.

It is required to you

  • - laundry detergent;
  • - salt.


1. Pour hot water into bathtub and dissolve in it laundry detergent. It is possible to use normal powder, but liquid means for washing is most easily rinsed from fabric. The amount of water depends on the size of tulle which in it will be retted. Water temperature should not be too hot, otherwise fabric can be spoiled.

2. Remove tulle from eaves and submerge it in bathtub - water has to cover completely curtain from above. Leave tulle in water with powder for one or one and a half hours. During this time dust and easy pollution will be washed away from curtain surface automatically. When on tulle there are spots, modern means for their removal which need to be applied on the polluted site when soaking according to the instruction will help to get rid of them.

3. If curtains are erased regularly, then they do not manage to become soiled so that after soaking them it is necessary to rub in addition hands or to use the washing machine. It allows to avoid additional load of tulle from which it can get out of shape or tear. When after soaking on tulle traces of pollution remain, it is required to get rid of them delicately, by means of easy friction of fabric about fabric.

4. Rinse tulle in large amount of clear water. After washing is finished, it is not necessary to wring out tulle too intensively. It is the best of all to arrange curtain in the bathroom so that surplus of water has flown down. After tulle gets rid of liquid, in damp state hang up it on baguette. The curtain will be extended under curb weight, and it will be possible to avoid the procedure of its stroking.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team