How to establish automatic gate

How to establish automatic gate

The design of the smart home is constantly improved: the fact that it seemed something from area impossible earlier today - quite normal phenomenon. To take, for example, automatic gate: it is simply impossible to overestimate advantages of this wonderful mechanism. And, above all – it is possible to establish automatic gate even by the hands.

It is required to you

  • — level;
  • — tape measure;
  • — anchors;
  • — gate with guides;
  • — perforator.


1. Before starting installation, make sure that any hillocks and small stones will not begin to obstruct the traffic of automatic gate. Besides nearby there has to be enough place in order that it was possible to open gate freely. Shutters of automatic gate part to the left and to the right on the distance equal to aperture width therefore places for sliding gate has to be enough.

2. After have defined installation site of automatic gate, unpack the gate delivered to object and believe integrity of all spare parts.

3. Mount frame, having established it in the wall opening provided for this purpose. Correct the provision of frame. Remember that even the slightest distortion is inadmissible: the roughness can lead to breakage and jamming of the mechanism (section automatic gate are especially exacting in this plan). So, during mounting of design you will expose frame strictly horizontally. Frame you fix to wall anchors (on all perimeter).

4. Establish cloth of lifting automatic gate or aggregate separate elements of section gate (begin to collect with the lower section). Connect cloth of gate to guides and hinges. Of course, if the plane of automatic gate is built already in in frame, then it considerably will reduce time for installation of design.

5. On the end of mounting adjust springs: the cloth has to rise with little effort. Then mount accessories and mechanisms (handles, the lock and other important parts).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team