How to establish ceiling plinths from polyfoam

How to establish ceiling plinths from polyfoam

What is such unusual concealed in itself by the ceiling plinth which has become to such popular? Why its application is so capable to change space and completely to alter it?

Today each consumer pays special attention to arrangement of the life. And even the trifle can play the predominating role in this question. It would seem, at first sight - ceiling plinth what special is in it can be that to write separate article about it. But it allows not only to make room interior unusual, but also gives the chance to hide the available defects, creating and visually leveling uneven corner between ceiling and wall.

Design opportunities of plinth

Depending on parameters of ceiling plinth, it is possible to execute visual illusion of reduction or increase in space.

By means of selection of color and texture it is possible to accent, for example, ceiling of the room or on the contrary.

Plinths from polyfoam can be painted one shade with ceiling for obtaining visual lack of border or, on the contrary, bright shades to attract all eyes to plinth when there is similar need. It is necessary to start installation of plinth only after performance of preparatory work on alignment, putty and primer of walls and the ceiling. When on surfaces of walls there is wall-paper, they should be pasted before installation of plinths, otherwise it is necessary to bring then wall-paper under product, and it is already laborious procedure. For work it is necessary to stock up with construction adhesive, special gun, knife, the miter box (it make exact corners), with the hacksaw equipped with small teeths and also acrylic sealant.

Installation process

Glue ceiling plinth from polyfoam, since any corner. So, on material by means of the miter box and hacksaw it is necessary to remove corners under forty five degrees. Then to smear with surface glue which will adjoin to wall and ceiling.

It is necessary to consider that at uneven surface when gluing it is necessary to record something plinth in places of possible sagging.

After fixing of ceiling plinth it is necessary to putty all available joints, using for this purpose fine-grained putty. If for once work is not performed, then it is necessary to cover once again places of joints with putty till the moment when they become ideally equal. All seams between ceiling, plinth and wall should be filled with acrylic sealant for receiving ideally equal joint without slots. And the last stroke in work on installation of plinth is painting by its acrylic paint in necessary color gamma.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team