How to establish compartment door

How to establish compartment door

Recently the compartment door can be established not only in rooms of public assignment and offices. They have perfectly taken root in normal houses and apartments because they are convenient, functional and help to save space. In the market the set of various models of sliding doors is offered. It is necessary to choose pleasant only. It is possible to establish sliding door independently. Only everything needs to be done accurately.

It is required to you

  • The top guide (track), the lower guide (track), profile handle, the top frame of compartment door, the lower frame of compartment door, door cloth, the lower rollers equipped with the ball bearing and the screw for adjustment, the top rollers, sealant (Schlegel), self-tapping screws, anchors, finishing nails.


1. If you have decided to mount compartment door and have already got all necessary, it is necessary to check first of all whether is not present in bias floor. If is, the door can warp. Surely level floor. Then it is necessary to make other exact measurements. Measure height of door opening (N of aperture) where you are going to establish sliding doors. Measurements should be done not in one place, and in several, with step approximately to 700 mm. The difference of measurements can make up to 15 mm. As height of aperture will be considered mimalny of the received sizes. Then measure the aperture width (L aperture). Too it is better to make it in several places. The maximum size from measured will be considered as width of aperture. now it is possible to start measurement of depth of door opening, that is the space for sliding part of compartment door. The minimum depth will be approximately equal to 80 mm because double-skid guide for compartment doors usually 80 mm wide. But it is better to leave small stock - to 100 mm, and after completion of installation already to adjust door as it is necessary.

2. It is very important to calculate all sizes correctly. It becomes so: Compartment door height (N of door) = N of aperture - 40 mm. Compartment door width (L doors): - For 2 doors: (The L aperture + 20 mm)/2, - For 3 doors: The L doors = (the L aperture + 40 mm)/3, - For 4 doors: The L doors = (the L aperture + 40 mm)/4 Where 20 mm – size 1-go overlap of doors, 40 mm are size 2 – x overlaps of dvereydlin of guides (L napr) = the L aperture - 2 mm.

3. Now it is possible to begin mounting. At first strengthen the top guide, then strictly under it put lower on floor. Bring the top rollers to internal stream of the top guide. Raise the lower rollers, bring them to internal stream of the lower guide. The door is established. Now it is necessary to make so that both halves of sliding door have been located vertically. For this purpose it is necessary to shift the lower guide in depth (or outside) and to record it on floor by means of self-tapping screws. Now it is possible to adjust the lower rollers of door that they densely adjoined the wall plane.

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