How to establish furniture

How to establish furniture

Purchase of furniture, even the most fashionable and qualitative, will not provide automatically harmony and convenience of interior, besides, very important competently to establish it in the room. Besides placement of sockets, the lighting and sanitary equipment depends on arrangement of furniture.

It is required to you

  • Plan of the room, tape measure, furniture.


1. If the room small, then the most reasonable exit is to place furniture on perimeter along walls. It saves scarce space and the room looks almost free from furniture. At such placement there are no special requirements, it is only necessary to observe the principle of balance, that is it is impossible to force one wall completely cabinets and racks, and on opposite to hang up only couple of photos. Be guided by convenience of arrangement, by arrangement of windows and doors.

2. If the room rather spacious, or several people live in it, then it is possible to apply zoning of the room. The soft corner or the sofa group put in the middle of the room or open rack can be divider. Higher esthetic requirements are imposed to such furniture acting as divider when zoning - it has to have finishing from all directions, racks and regiments should not be conspirational various things and are surely well strengthened. Zoning by furniture it is possible to achieve effect of several rooms in one, for example, recreation area and working corner.

3. In halls use each ledge and each niche, for this purpose the most correct is to order the built-in furniture. It is made under the specific room and with guarantee will fit into it.

4. The arrangement of kitchen furniture can be along one wall, along several walls, island and peninsular, it depends, first of all, on form and room space and also on needs of residents and their opportunities.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team