How to establish garage gate

How to establish garage gate

Garage gate are, perhaps, one of the most important parts of garage. From that, gate will be how qualitatively made and established the safety of your car depends. There are different designs of garage gate. The majority of types of gate demand availability of difficult spare parts and also special knowledge for their installation. But if you have resolved to make garage gate with own hands, it is possible to find also simpler solution to this problem.

  • - welding machine;
  • - construction level;
  • - Bulgarian;
  • - square;
  • - tape measure.

1. Calculate the size of garage gate. The size of gate depends on the size of your machine. Standard gate of the garage calculated on one passenger car have width of 2.5 meters and height - 2 m. When calculating it is necessary to consider that between frame and shutters of garage on all perimeter of gate it is necessary to leave gap of 10-20 mm. This gap will prevent "jamming" of shutters in case of small deformation or distortion of frame because of temperature drops.

2. Weld external frame vorotdlya production of frame the steel corner not less than 65 mm thick will approach. Spread out frame parts on flat surface, it is strict on level. Expose corners by means of the square. Check framework diagonals. Weld frame by means of the welding machine. Fasten the corners established vertically, horizontal metal crossing points. Sheathe frame top metal.

3. Make wings of gate of metal section of 40х25 in size. Sheathe ready shutters sheet steel so that the covering, at the closed gate, blocked the left gaps. Thickness of steel sheet has to be not less than 2 mm. Also it is necessary to consider that wings of gate have to be closed with overlap in 1-2 cm. Weld steel corners of 30х30 in size on jambs. Use metal strip for closing of slot between wings of gate.

4. Establish power you petliprivarit one party of loop to garage frame, and another - to external shutter. For more strength welding connection it is recommended to use curved strip of metal which needs to be put to wing of gate and the top half of loop. To strengthen connection from within it is possible to use internal tab from armature.

5. Weld zasovv quality of bolt for garage gate traditionally use the metal pin inserted into tube. Pins and tubes are welded on gate by means of the welding machine.

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