How to establish grounding

How to establish grounding

Grounding is necessary to protect the person from defeat by electric current if suddenly there is sudden breakdown on the body of any given electric device. In life it is applied in washing machines, electric stoves and electric heaters. Also grounding is necessary in damp industrial premises and especially at the dacha.

It is required to you

  • - shovel;
  • - sledge hammer;
  • - electrodes (steel corners);
  • - metal strip;
  • - Bulgarian;
  • - welding machine;
  • - electrical wire.


1. Dig near the building three poles depth in two bayonets of shovel. Then drive into them electrodes by means of sledge hammer so that they have almost completely entered the earth. At the same time the arrangement of holes concerning each other does not play special role, often they are dug triangle or in a row. The only indispensable condition - distance between them has to be not less than 120 cm. Keep in mind that there are also certain specifications to which there have to correspond electrodes. Length of the last has to be not less than two meters, area of cut - 150 sq. mm, wall thickness - is more than 3.5 mm. As electrodes steel corners of the corresponding sizes or metal water pipes perfectly will approach.

2. By means of the Bulgarian cut metal strips which will connect electrodes among themselves by the size. According to specifications, width of strips has to be not less than 4 cm, and section - not less than 50 sq. mm. For laying of metal connectors dig superficial grooves between electrodes.

3. Prepare the welding machine for work. Weld the cut strips on electrodes. Keep in mind that alternative ways of connection in this case are excluded: parts have to be reliably welded to each other. It will ensure reliable functioning of grounding throughout long time.

4. Further connect the received contour to wiring in the house by means of electrical wires which section, according to technical standards, has to be not less than 50 sq. mm. Execute connection by means of bolts which it is necessary to attach the wire going from contour to metal electric board. There is also alternative option of connection. If the board has terminal under the name "grounding", then it is possible "to throw" wires from contour directly on it. The last option perfectly is suitable for private household.

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