How to establish hydrometer

How to establish hydrometer

Reform of housing and public utilities has made counters hydrometers incredibly popular means of economy. These devices are used to accounting of consumption of hot and cold water. It seems to much that independently it is difficult to establish hydrometer. However our recommendations will prove you the return. So, how to establish hydrometer by own efforts?

It is required to you

  • Will be necessary for installation of hydrometer: hydrometer on 15 (1/2), the filter on 15 (1/2), the coupling on 15 (1/2), nipple 15 (1/2), sanitary flax or the fumlent, the grinder (Bulgarian), rezborez, keys on 17-19, 30-32, gas pipe wrench.


1. Absorb the counter, make sure that it is certified. Further choose tube section, suitable for installation, where the hydrometer will be built in. It is the simplest to install the counter on direct tube section, and it is the best of all to establish hydrometer horizontally, the surge filter has to stand settler down. Collect the counter, the filter and the coupling. Then try on it on the chosen tube section. Having made sure that pipe equal, get to work, previously having checked condition of the central valves. They have to be workers.

2. Dismantle the chosen pipe section. At first block valve, prepare the grinder, put on protective glasses. Cut off the chosen site and dismantle it. Then cut pipe thread so that it came into the hydrometer coupling approximately for 50%. The cut-off pipe in position of joint with the counter has to be equal, otherwise joint will not be airtight.

3. Establish hydrometer. Wind the nipple fumlenty or sanitary flax in that direction in which the nipple will twist in valve. Further attach hydrometer and screw one of unions in the filter. On the cut thread wind the coupling with winding. Twist the second union in other side of the coupling. Between unions install the counter. Consider the direction at installation of the filter and hydrometer, it is specified by arrow, and do not forget to put laying between the counter and the union.

4. Check tightness of connections. Smoothly open valve. If there is leak, tighten key or rewind winding.

5. On plastic pipes the hydrometer is established in the same way, difference only in way of connection soldering. For connection of plastic pipes the machine for soldering of pipes is used. Connection of pipe on 20 happens during 4 sec., cooling – 2 min. Consider that in case with plastic pipes the elimination of untight connection in places of soldering is impossible.

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